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DataArt, Inc. is a consulting and technology company specializing in software development since 1997. Our company specializes in the development of network applications, corporate databases and business automation tools build in multi-layer client-server architecture using state-of-the-art open and scalable modular systems. We provide customers with high quality software consulting and support that facilitates development of effective structures, ranging from document rotation system to customer relations and project management. DataArt is a full-cycle software development company, providing our customers with full service on every stage of the project from the initial specification to the development and 24x7 user support.
DataArt specializes in Microsoft .NET development with a staff of over 100 software professionals in St. Petersburg, Russia and project management capacity in New York, San Francisco, and London.
Our experience of working with Microsoft technologies and products was recognized by this software company with not only certifying DataArt as a Microsoft Certified Partner, but also with an invitation to participate in the ".NET Gain Early Adopters Program". This status allows us to obtain the most recent and accurate information about the utilization of these technologies directly from Microsoft and its partners, and facilitates a successful implementation of .NET solutions by our experts.
DataArt was spotlighted by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates during his keynote presentation at Microsoft's US launch of Microsoft .NET development platform. On February 13, Gates and Anders Hejlsberg introduced Visual Studio .NET at VSLive! in San Francisco. Gates singled out DataArt in his presentation as one of the companies that has made outstanding use of the new .NET technology in its software development process.
Most of our programmers have over 6 years of field experience and most of them hold industry certifications. They are graduates of Russia's prestigious universities - St. Petersburg State University the Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, a perennial favorite in world programming championships.

New York (Head Office) DataArt

475 Park Avenue South, Floor 9
New York, NY 10016
Tel: (212) 378-4108
E-Mail: outsourcing@dataart.com
Web: www.dataart.com

St.Petersburg DataArt

60A Bolshoi Sampsonievski Ave.
St. Petersburg, 194044
Tel: +7 (812) 333-4440
E-Mail: outsourcing@dataart.com