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November 6, 2003

The Golden Age of Russian Offshore Outsourcing is coming. Most Russian offshore outsourcing companies have doubled in growth in the last two quarters. And for the first time since the IT boom in Russia, new economic stability brought by the Putin administration is keeping Russian brain power back home. And among those who stay, the best and brightest of Russia's scientists and programmers are working in the field of offshore software development.

DataArt is one Russian software development company that has taken advantage of the trend and seen its business double in the last two quarters. DataArt's US-based management team and ability to recruit the most creative and highly qualified Russian programming talent have been leading factors in the firm's success.

DataArt, which is headquartered in New York City and has two software development offices in St. Petersburg, Russia has also launched a new service in response to US customers' needs-turnkey recruiting for research. In this program, DataArt recruits qualified researchers in disciplines meeting the customer's requirements and equips them with all necessary technical and administrative support in Russia on a turnkey basis. DataArt is currently working with one of its customers to assemble a Russia-based team of top talent in mathematics and economics, and can facilitate projects in a variety of other fields as well.

"Russian programmers, scientists, and researchers are always high-return talent assets," says DataArt president Eugene Goland. "What we're observing now is that some of the best talent in Russia now prefers to remain in Russia-a trend I would attribute to Russia's current economic boom. That's why American IT companies can't get Russian specialists for in-house development any more. In response, American companies are beginning to turn to Russian offshore companies, an especially attractive option if they can access that Russian talent but still have a US office and American management to interface with. We're one of those companies, and we are experiencing the benefits of this trend."

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