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Small Businesses Struggle to Offshore

March 06, 2006

In the scramble to save money overseas, small companies are at a serious disadvantage, writes CIO Insight magazine, a flagship publication by Ziff Davis. The feature article highlights key issues in outsourcing for SMBs, and provides the expert opinion of Eugene Goland, President of DataArt and founder of OOBP.org: "This market is underserved. There are structural difficulties that prevent smaller companies from taking advantage of offshoring, and yet these are the companies that have the most to gain."

The article offers sound advice for SMB offshoring, including that by Goland. "You must find a vendor that is small enough that the project you give him is of significant importance," Goland says. "If that's not the case, you will never get the right people to work on it. And if you cannot staff the project with the best people, it will fail. At the same time, the vendor should be strong enough to weather changes."

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